Read this book if you are feeling lost and unmotivated - A Book Review

Read this book if you are feeling lost and unmotivated - A Book Review

It could be really frustrating while feeling unmotivated. You could be working on something that you believe in, and you just can't get into a flow.

Well, you are not alone. And you are in luck. There is a great book that will push you out of bed and move you to get started. All I can say is that it worked for me.

You've heard the saying, "Go big or go home," right? In the book Be Obsessed or Be Average, Grant Cardone has made this saying into a book and if you identify as the person that always goes big or at lest wants to, this book is a must read for you.

Grant Cardone is a motivational speaker and writer perhaps best known for the bestseller - The 10X Rule; however, his newest book, published in 2016, Be Obsessed or Be Average is one of the best motivational books that I have ever read. In reading this book, I learned that Grant used to play it safe and did it moderately well- he lived a middle class life, until he didn't anymore and hit rock bottom.

Grant not only provides practical advice but he tells us about his family and his life and his struggles with addiction and, ultimately, how he overcame all of those obstacles. In essence, this book is about how he went from a broke, drug addict to being a successful, albeit obsessed, millionaire. Grant's positivity, passion and drive hooked me immediately, resonated with me and pervaded the entire book. It made me want to change my own life in ways that I never thought possible because I had always thought "Well wouldn't it be nice to be a [thing I'm obsessed with]? Well yes, but I can't because [enter lame excuse here]."

This book, while it had tremendous parts about Grant's life, also tells you HOW to change your life. Grant provides exercises that help the reader to evaluate your goals and life purposes, as well as ideas as to how to move forward. These exercises and goals were masterfully intertwined with his stories. He really drives home that you have to have two qualities in order to make these exercises work: drive and obsession at the same time. And it makes sense, right? When you have drive but no purpose, you end up just spinning your wheels and when you have purpose but no drive, you end up sitting around all day making up excuses.

This book is an amazing tool to help you on your way to success. It is worth the investment to buy it, read it, then re-read it and take notes in the margin and then act on what it's telling you to do. Get it immediately!

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